Saturday, 30 April 2016

Interview with L J Frank @LJ_Frank

I have been interviewed again for the NP Journal. It's always great to be able to express my thoughts via questions.

Vanessa :)

Favourite question… Did you receive much moral support?

“I was lucky to have a group of friends when I started who gave me encouragement and read my first attempts. If it had not been for them I would probably have given up. Once I went online, I was surprised at the fantastic support and feedback I received from readers and authors alike. I am not saying it was all positive – not everyone was interested or cared about my writing. I remember someone saying to me, ‘You’re never going to be famous or anything.’

Honestly, I have walked along this twisted road and the adventure along the way have made it all worth it.”

Working principally as an author, publisher, website administrator & idea consultant. Periodically advise and mentor; also, artist by commission. Career as non-profit (libraries) executive, university instructor and advisor. Also worked and studied in Asia, Middle East and Central America.
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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Interview with The Infrasonic Dectective

My books at the local library
I really enjoyed this latest interview...


Sometimes, it is a good thing to reflect back on achievements and relive the experience. I know many books, films, TV programs, experiences continually haunt my mind.

After a break of a few years, it is a good time to start thinking of the community I started. I intend to write more and explore the possibilities that open up in this new world!

Enjoy the interview.

Vanessa :)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Interview with BollyDolphie

I have been lucky enough to be interviewed by a lovely reader I met online via a reader Facebook group.

To read the interview visit her BLOG

I am also fortunate enough to have obtained an AMAZING review from her too! My Christmas has come early...


I have been having the most amazing week, with positive feedback hitting me from all sides. Finally, my perseverance has paid off!

To all you budding authors out there - DON'T GIVE UP!

When the reviews don't come, or you get negative feedback just keep on going. Write for the love, not for the glory (even if it helps).

Thanks for reading

Vanessa :)

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Interview with My Book Fairy

I have been lucky enough to be interviewed by MY BOOK FAIRY...

Click on the LINK to find out more!

Enjoy finding out more about what inspired me to write my Evolution Trilogy.

Thank you,

One of my favourite questions...

Throughout the trilogy we're introduced to an expansive cast of characters, all of which are rich in their backgrounds and personalities. How were you able to keep the characters in the stories realistic and relatable?

I have no idea... but I suspect my huge extended family back in Gibraltar made it easy for me to imagine them all. In Gibraltar, we have a diverse and rich culture where people from many religions and cultural backgrounds respect each other’s traditions and beliefs. I also like having fun making people up!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Wizard's Cauldron

"I am still young... I have years to write & have fun!"

My latest interview via THE WIZARD'S CAULDRON

Enjoy & have a great day
Vanessa :)

Saturday, 31 May 2014

On Cancer & Charities

I have not mentioned on this blog the anthologies I have done in aid of charity and I thought it was about time,

So please read and enjoy, and perhaps pause for a minute to reflect upon the things we take for granted...

Vanessa :)

On Cancer and Charities

None of us1On Cancer and Charities – by: Vanessa Wester

A few years ago, my cousin, Alistair, died of a brain tumour aged 27. It was devastating for his parents, in particular, his sister and the rest of the family. None of us could come to terms with what had happened – the question always lingered… why? And yet, Alistair accepted his fate completely. He was a very religious man, and he believed he would find his place in heaven.
His girlfriend was devoted to him for the two years since the tumour was found, and actually married him a few months before he passed away, even though she knew his condition was terminal. The story was beautiful, even though heart-breaking.

At that particular time, I was going through severe depression. I had two very young children, had endured two emergency caesareans, and had been diagnosed with an under-active thyroid (which made my hormones and nerves jump all over the place). Because of this I did not attend the wedding – I simply couldn’t handle it, and we lived in The Netherlands at the time so it was difficult to get to Gibraltar (where I come from) anyway.

The pictures were fantastic and they had a great day… everything was perfect.

When Alistair passed away I attended the funeral. As I walked past the gravestones, I was a wreck. As much as I knew he accepted his fate, it was hard to know he was gone.

So many1The thing is Cancer is a deadly disease. I am sure you do not need to be told this but it can happen to anyone.

And yet, it is not the only thing that affects many of us on a day to day basis.
My father has had 3 heart attacks, as a school teacher I saw the effects of abuse and neglect on children, my mother is constantly battling Diabetes and I also had a close friend who had Diabetes from birth, and watched her inject herself with insulin as a teenager.

So many things that affect us.

Luckily, there are charities that can help. And over the years I have regularly supported a range of them.

And so, we come to talk about my charity collections.

Out of DarknessIn October 2012, I started talking to another author about short stories and decided to try to publish collections. We found willing authors, and I published the first collection, ‘Out of Darkness.’

I made a blog for the ‘Short Stories Group’ – persevered and published two other adult collections, all for different causes.

I then set up a different blog for children’s collections, and have published two –

Since I am based in the UK, I donate proceeds to the UK charities, but it all helps the same cause no matter where you live – in this world we are all united.

All of the details on the authors, the anthologies, links, etc are on the blogs… so please go take a look.

Reading is MagicI have recently updated two of the collections, and for the record do all the formatting, layout, cover design etc myself. Some other authors help with editing. I take NO profit from any of the collections…

I hope you all take the time to have a look, and if you buy please leave a review and share. If we all do our bit to help others in need, surely this world will become a better place.

Thank you, Leisa for allowing me to share on your site.
Best regards,

Charities supported to date:
British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Diabetes UK, NSPCC, Gurnard Primary School (not strictly speaking a charity, although the PTA is a charity, but still a worthy cause).

Sunday, 30 June 2013


LIVE INTERVIEW via Lydia's Literary Lowdown with Lydia Aswolf

Okay, so first of all I got interviewed LIVE by the lovely Lydia (follow her on Twitter

You can hear the interview by clicking here... BLOGTALK RADIO...

The feedback so far has been great from those who have listened to my rambling... (I did say a lot of uh huh, and yes, and blah blah... it was great FUN!)

Honestly, I am still in shock about the fact Lydia loves my writing so much... Maybe, just maybe, people aren't just being nice after all?!?!

Favourite quote... "You are hiding your light under a bushel"


My Writing Journey

After Lydia asked me to be interviewed, I was asked to write an article for INDIE IT PRESS... and it was accepted.

This is what I wrote (pictures added by Indie It Press)

I am really happy with the feature, and am very grateful to Leisa Greene for featuring me (follow her on Twitter